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Amélie is a woman of about thirty years old. Dynamic, resolute, she knows what she wants and especially what she does'nt want (or no more). Her gaze is honnest and calm.

She is a photographer. Her main and most remunerative activity are weddings. Immortalizing Love is her job. At first she found a meaning to what she was doing. But as the years passed, wedding after wedding, photos after photos, she felt a lassitude, got a sense of uselessness. Love had become a concept with too much make up, no longer renewed, completely disguised by artifice and mise en scene. The same looks, the same smiles, the same kisses at the same moments. All this was meaningless.

There was nothing alive to immortalize.

Amelie does not cheat, does not pretend, she is entire.

From this moment things change. This crafted image of Love marks her deeply and she can not get rid of it. It can't be, is there really only one way to love?

This sacred love, the search for the exceptional, the exclusive to celebrate it, now disgusts her. Amelie is not one to give up, so she seeks another form of Love.

One day in a cafe something catches her attention.

A blonde girl, a few years old younger than her, sits at the back of the room on a red bench. Her backrest separates her from a man about the same age. Disturbing symmetry. In symbiosis they each tap in turn on their digital tablet. When one finishes tapping the fingers of the other starts moving. She stopped writing, he waves his long fingers, for a brief instant she thrilled imperceptibly, maliciously her forefinger touches the input key... finally her face lights up, radiant. They are serene, at peace with their solitude. They put away their tablets, lift their gaze towards the horizon, a peacefull smile on their faces.

Simultaneously they get up and leave in two opposite directions without exchanging the slightest look.

Amelie always thought they were actually «  talking  » to each other.

The same evening when she goes home, it is on the social networks that she starts her experiment. She experienced various relationships, some of them interesting, some disappointing or even useless, nothing really convincing, until one day she meets Carl. She finds other shapes, other colors to this feeling. After sometime, it is a more thoughtful more intellectualized still preserved love that she discovers with him. It is a rather conventional, almost banal and "ordinary" Love that they maintain. But she finds in there the essence of what she could consider to be Love. A clear and benevolent relationship, simplicity attentive to the subtlety of detail. It lasts almost a year.

Amélie does not cut herself off from the world, she has a small circle of friends she often meets. She never spoke to them about her digital relationship because she likes to think that some things can only be shared by two. It was in her, as it was in Carl, she had no doubt about it. Things took time, so pleasant was it, and now there is only soothing certainty.

This is the time where Amelie chooses to disappear from the networks. Amelie was looking for Love to prove herself it exists. Now she knows it does exist, in another shape than the one that disgusted her. She loves to love again.

She will not go further in hers exploration, everything ends here, to start somewhere else …



Her childhood memories are marked by the desire to cross the television screen of the living room and penetrate the magical reality that it projected. Cinema became a passion, and the fantasy of becoming one of her heroines inspired her first impulse towards the arts. Literature, song, and dance naturally brought her to the theater, through the classical way of dramatic art. On the way, she meets the gesture theater which she falls in love with and founds in 2014, with her game privileged partner, the company Les Robinsons. Meanwhile, cinematographic collaborations, such as Romain Escuriola's Openspace, nourish her keen interest as an actress and reinforce her performer duality: cinema actress and theater actress.


CARL Théron

Carl is a 34-year-old man who has "succeeded" professionally and whose love life now boils down to a few lines of code.

He no longer remembers, he no longer wishes to remember when was his last affective disillusionment.

He does not fear the violence of feelings but the words wear and tear. Words that fly, strike, burst and always end up exhausted before falling into oblivion.

Explaining, justifying oneself, having to prove who one is, or what the other wants to be, has definitely wearied him. Are we not supposed to love ourselves for who we are? Why are the reasons we loved ourselves the same that destroy us?

He does not understand and decided that he would not try to understand. He even goes so far as to think that he is incompatible with love, that he is is not allowed to live with someone else. There is a reason for this.

During his childhood he was often alone, experiencing some difficulties in socializing. There were many solitary occupations. He thus invented stories and never seemed unhappy. His soul suffered silently from this situation, but his mind was too busy distracting himself so that he did not realize his misfortune.

But over the years a part of him crumbled without him realizing it, a slow and inexorable fall. An inert and passive part, simple spectator of a monotonous and routine life.

His college years pass peacefully. His results are good and he makes a friend, a true friend, Silas. Friend he always frequents regularly. Silas is dynamic, sociable and voluble. Thanks to him the social and emotional context of Carl is growing. Carl is not shy, he has conversation but does not go naturally towards others. Carl has some adventures with women and meets his first love, Aurore, around the age of 24 years old. They share 5 years together. Aurore leaves him, because she couldn't thrive in this routine.

It is a rhythm that fits Carl. He likes his little habits and is satisfied with simple things. This rupture is painful, but he does not try to retain Aurore with promises he knows he could not keep.

Social networks and digital life are becoming more and more important in his life. Making up profiles, activities, other lives is almost instinctive to him. Why not make a remunerative activity out of it ? He is now a public writer, sports coach, translator ...

On the romance side, he does not expect anything but he keeps an unavowed hope within. Amelie. A fortuitous meeting on the web where he spent quite some time. Most of his time.

She contacted him one day via one of his professional websites and they kept talking to each other once the task was accomplished. One thing leading to another, a feeling emerged from this, what was at first a pleasant relationship became quickly ennivorous. He had found his form of love. Binary love. A love written and read, indolent and cerebral. An imagined and imaginary love. Carl is attached to a certain idea of ​​romanticism.

He never thought of meeting Amelie. For him it is a moving entity, endowed with intelligence, consciousness, which lives, which is self-sufficient. It's enough for him.

But Carl lives in the sweet melancholy of illusion. The poetry of an image that has no meaning but means everything. A moment that he never lived, just a memory that exists.

The day Amelie shows at his door for real is a violent shock. He's in panic. Strangly enough, he did not think of all the constraints which discouraged him but surprised himself by being concerned by the possible "success" of a hypothetical encounter that he never envisaged before. This overly complex idea paralyzes him. He does not know how to react ...

The picture comes alive, the characters start moving, the colors change imperceptibly, the illusion begins to become reality.



If one were to make my portrait, one could speak of three pillars that characterize me and illustrate my personality and my way of life.

Sport, which is my original training because it allows me to channel and transform my energy.

Travel, but adventure travel, discovery. Between 2011 and 2014, I lived and worked in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Canada from lifeguard to luxury hotel manager . It was like a 2nd school for my acting and my personal construction.

And last but not least of course : the cinema. It's been in my life since childhood, but I discovered it even more for the past two years, by watching and studying everything from comercials to short-films and movies.

My approach is simple: interacting with the director, discovering and interpreting the character and bringing my own colors in it, which means envy, passion and the natural beyond the techniques I acquired in schools.

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